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Work Comp Chicago
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Thompson Center, Illinois Workers Compensation Commission Chicago, IL 

Thompson Center, Illinois Workers Compensation Commission


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           Work Comp Chicago           Illinois Workers Compensation Attorneys         

The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission decides all claims for Illinois work accident and work injury for temporary disability,  medical and surgical benefits, permanent partial disability,
total disability and permanent wage loss claims.   Our workers compensation attorneys have regularly practiced before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission since 1984,  providing personal assistance, guidance and representation in Illinois work injury litigation. 
           Our Chicago workers comp attorneys have an extensive record of trials, settlements and appeals in Illinois work injury claims including spinal fusions, disc herniations, complex fractures, knee and shoulder repairs, permanent total disability benefits or partial wage loss and earnings reductions due to permanent work restrictions and claims for survivor claims for benefits in work related deaths.  

We have a track record of success with a 98% rate of successful conclusion
Our past performance is no guarantee of future results as each claim turnsBest Lawyers in Illinois Workers Comp (2013-2015) on its own facts and medical opinions however, we have consistently turned in favorable awards in Illinois workers compensation trials, settlements and appeals in work related accident and injury claims.   

     With over 25 years experience serving Northern Illinois, our Chicago workers comp lawyers provide practical advice based on practical experience.  We serve as seasoned adviser,  counselor and guide through the many rules and regulations of Illinois workers compensation litigation.

work to resolve disputes in average weekly wage,  temporary disability, medical bills and aggravation of pre-existing condition.  Sometimes, trial may prove to be necessary, but our workers comp lawyers resolve 90% of disputes without the added expense or delay of trial and appeal.  

Workers comp claims will often involve someone other than the employer, that may be responsible for the accident or injury.  These claims have both a workers compensation claim and possible personal injury claim for negligence.  Laws concerning the damages and medical causation often overlap and will usually require expert assistance dealing with workers compensation liens and group healthcare subrogation rights.
          We work to coordinate efforts with any related claims....  such as... personal injury....  motor vehicle accidents....  construction site injuries....  Social Security Disability....  Medicare....   and Illinois workers compensation lien or group health care reimbursement.  

Failure to coordinate work injury claims with related litigation can be very costly but our attorneys work to minimize any adverse effects and work to obtain the best overall end resultsThe best attorneys offer personal advice and real time assistance to review all available options.

            Our attorneys provide guidance and assistance in representation in Illinois workers comp claims involving permanent injury, loss of occupation, permanent wage reduction or claims for total disability benefits.   

         Our Illinois workers comp lawyers  try to provide straightforward answers and direction in Illinois work injury claims.  We offer seasoned advice and direction in all types of accident and all types of injury claims.   Develop a game plan and get a winning strategy for your Illinois work injury litigation.


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                                    Work Comp Chicago

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Serving all of:  Cook County, Lake County, McHenry County, Will County, Kane County and Kankakee County. 

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