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 Work Comp Chicago Illinois Workers Compensation Attorneys                                              


          FAQ in Illinois Workers Compensation: 


              Handbook  for IL Work Accidents on or after June 28, 2011   (.pdf)


        FAQ Questions regarding Illinois workers comp disability benefits:


              Illinois Workers Compensation FAQ 



             Medical bills & the Illinois Medical fee schedule:


               FAQ on Medical bills & Medical Fee Schedule 



       Illinois maximum disability benefit rates:


              Current Illinois disability benefit rates

      Scheduled loss for Injured Body Parts

                 Current schedule of weeks for injured body parts

      Illinois Workers Compensation Hearing locations:


             Downstate 2017 Arbitration hearing sites (rev. 1/13/17)

          Hearing Location Table based on Accident site (Accident Location Table rev. 11/13/14)  If the accident occurred outside of Illinois, then the case will be set closest to the injured employee's home or residence.


          Download the Illinois Workers Compensation Act:

             Illinois Workers Compensation Act



      For Assistance, Review and Representation:   


            Contact:   Illinois workers comp attorney    


            Call:   (312) 541-0049




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